What you must know about growth hormone

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Growth hormone (HGH), which can be produced naturally by the pituitary gland of the human body, plays an important role in cell proliferation, reducing fat, growing muscle, increasing bone density, improving skin gloss and immune system. At the age of 20, our body's growth hormone will reach its maximum secretion, and since then the secretion has gradually decreased. Here are a few facts you must know about growth hormone.

Growth hormone,HGH

1 Growth hormone levels in the body

The organ responsible for regulating growth hormone secretion in the human body is the anterior pituitary gland the size of a pea grain. Healthy men should contain less than 5 ng of growth hormone per milliliter of blood, women should contain less than 10 ng of growth hormone, children should have 0-20 ng, and newborns should have 5-40 ng.

Growth hormone,HGH

2 Consequences of growth hormone disorders

In 1960, scientists have used growth hormone to treat children with stunted growth and development. The symptoms in young children include stunting, short height, and late sexual maturity. At that time, the growth hormone actually came from corpses, and it took scientists 20 years to synthesize it in the laboratory. There was also a great risk of extracting growth hormone from corpses at that time, because it might contain a prion that caused the body to develop infectious spongiform encephalopathy. If the level of growth hormone in the body is too high, it will stimulate the growth of muscles, bones and internal organs. In childhood, it will cause giant disease. In adulthood, it will cause acromegaly.

Growth hormone,HGH

3 Application of growth hormone in exercise

In 1982, a book called the Underground Steroids Manual recorded for the first time that growth hormone was used to enhance athletic performance. In the bodybuilding world, this drug is very common and the consequences are very obvious-bodybuilding. Even though some studies have shown that growth hormone does not enhance athlete performance, many athletes still use growth hormone to increase athletic performance. Growth hormone can indeed help the body quickly increase muscle mass, but it has not achieved the desired effect in strength. Countries around the world have explicitly banned athletes from taking growth hormone.

Growth hormone,HGH

4 Legend of Growth Hormone

Because it can improve skin elasticity and promote cell proliferation, growth hormone is regarded by many celebrities as a "perpetual youth" medicine. Paypal's CEO has publicly stated that he needs to live to grow to 120 years old. However, the 2007 literature from the Stanford University clinical medicine research team pointed out that healthy elderly people taking growth hormone increased muscle mass and reduced fat by about 2 kg each. However, this may be the only positive feedback on the use of growth hormone, and the researchers did not measure any significant difference elsewhere (such as: bone density, cholesterol levels, blood lipids, maximum oxygen consumption) to show any significant difference in growth hormone's health benefits . At the same time, synthetic growth hormones will also bring many side effects to the human body, such as: hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, and so on. In addition, the price of "returning to the old age" is not low, and a set of $ 15,000 will be needed for recycling.

Growth hormone,HGH

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