HGH gel popular science articles

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HGH promotes orderly growth and development, maintaining internal environment and physical structure stability. Ordered growth. What is ordered growth? We all know that when a child is 50cm long and grows to 178cm, HGH and sex hormones and other hormones play a very important role in the growth process, especially before the child is 12 years old, the growth-promoting effect of HGH is very great. Then after using HGH, it is not only that children's single organs such as eyes or nose are enlarged, but an orderly increase. Ordering is a steady state of the internal environment and a steady state of structure. We also see that the general shape of children will have the basic logic of standard weight, standard blood sugar, and automorphic structure, so everyone must Deep understanding of "ordered". Ordering means turning danger into normal, and disordering means turning normal into abnormal. The specific promotion of various organs such as the liver, heart, bones, lungs, muscles, blood vessels, and the like, specifically refers to the development of HGH.

HGH gel popular science articles

HGH can increase cell viability and improve overall metabolism. Increasing cell activity is not to increase the activity of a certain cell, but to improve the overall cell activity in an orderly manner, which improves the overall metabolism. We found in clinical research that after using HGH, the guests' meals will increase, and various metabolic abilities are enhanced. This has been proven by related studies, and I will not explain more here.
It is found from experimental studies that HGH can directly activate telomerase, and the length of telomeres is closely related to the activity of cells-the stronger the cell activity, the longer the telomeres. Telomere length is related to telomerase. Studies have found that HGH can affect telomerase and protect telomeres.
How to prove it? Using telomerase fluorescence staining, without using what happened before and after using it, a controlled random study found that HGH has the effect of protecting telomeres at the ends of chromosomes. The real mechanism is to increase the activity of telomerase It is not that the telomeres are actually extended.

HGH can activate stem cells and promote tissue regeneration. In recent years, the term stem cell has become very popular. It plays an irreplaceable role in tissue regeneration, tissue repair, and cell growth and development. It is roughly divided into two cases: one is insufficient stem cells, and the other is the aging of stem cells themselves. Does the stem cell itself age? For example: The stem cells of a 10-year-old child and the stem cells of an 80-year-old woman may have similar division capabilities, but there are differences in tissue oxidation. HGH can promote the growth of stem cells, which has been confirmed by various research reports.
According to research by authoritative experts, HGH is closely related to the success of stem cell therapy. Studies have also found that the efficacy of people who use stem cells alone is uncertain. If we look at it from the perspective of anti-aging, the efficiency of pure stem cells may be less than 35%, or even lower than this. If HGH is added, especially those who have been found to have low HGH, after using HGH and related hormones, then Adding stem cells, the effective rate is 55-65% or more, so it is said from the side that HGH can promote the success rate of stem cell therapy. Those who have related stem cell research can delve into this.

The success rate of stem cell therapy was positively correlated with the recipient's growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor-1 levels. This is our research, but we have not published it as a scientific paper because there are still many issues involved in this area.
I have summarized the total effects of HGH. First of all, the effect of HGH is on the whole body. Unlike some hormones that only affect certain organs, or on certain organs, HGH does not. The large organs such as the liver, brain, and lungs work very well, including muscles, skin, and so on, and they affect the whole body. Unlike gonadotropins, they are more obvious to the first sex organ, and the second sex organ is less effective. The organs are worse.