Is human growth hormone anti-aging product really amazing?

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At present, there are many hGH (human growth hormone) anti-aging products and hGH youth nutrition products on the market. The effect of publicity is very magical. Do such products have such magical effects? In response, the reporter interviewed Professor Guo Lihe, former director of the Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Guo Lihe said that human growth hormone is a protein hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and consists of 191 amino acid residues. Its main physiological function is to promote human growth and development (if it is lacking, it will produce dwarfism) and maintain the normal function of tissues and organs (if severe deficiency will cause tissue organ atrophy and functional failure, including nerves, immunity and other organs). These physiological functions are mainly to enhance the absorption of amino acids by cells and promote protein synthesis. Protein is the basis of cell life activity, and its synthesis and degradation rate balance (called metabolic positive and negative balance of nitrogen) determines the vitality of cells (including nerves, immunity, hematopoiesis and other tissues and Organs) also determine the body's ability to fight disease, fight infections and normal physiological functions of tissues and organs. In addition, it plays an important role in the balance of water and salt metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism in the human body. For example, the blood hGH content of the elderly is less than 1/10 of that of children, so the protein synthesis of the elderly tends to a negative balance of nitrogen, the cell water is reduced, the physiological function is reduced, and the carbohydrate is not easily converted into protein, but the blood sugar rises and the fat accumulates. The human body is easy to gain weight.

The amount of hGH secreted decreases with age, and gradually decreases from 20 to 30 years old. Therefore, the amount of hGH secreted by humans at the age of 60 is only half that of younger ones; at the age of 80, it is only 1/5 of that of young people. It is this decline in the amount of hormone secretion that has caused our youth to begin to die year by year.

Guo Lihe said that in the 1980s, genetic engineering began. In 1986, one of the inventors of genetic engineering, Nobel Prize winner Poyer, first synthesized rhGH by genetic recombination technology, and realized mass production of hGH. In August 2003, based on the exact efficacy and high safety of rhGH, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved that children can use hGH for a long time. As the only anti-aging preparation that can fundamentally reverse aging and reproduce youth, rhGH has become the anti-aging product of choice in the United States, Japan, and many western countries.

In China, in 1986, the Chinese government officially included the rhGH study in the national “seventh five-year” key scientific research project, and the research work was undertaken by the Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1988, laboratory results were produced to produce a 191 amino acid single-chain polypeptide product that is fully consistent with the body's own structural activity. In 1998, the rhGH project won the national second-class new drug certificate, and rhGH became the second genetic product listed in the National Pharmacopoeia after insulin. In the same year, it realized industrial production-recombinant human auxin injection. In May 2002, Professor Guo Lihe, the chief scientist of the Chinese hGH project team and director of the Institute of Cell Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, solved the century problem that the skin could not directly absorb hGH, and realized the transdermal absorption of hGH. In June of the same year, Professor Guo Lihe developed The world's first set of beauty and skin care products containing hGH, it is also the first true bio-cosmetic product in China.

Now, there are many hGH series anti-aging and beauty products on the market, including hGH injection, hGH mouth spray and hGH repair essence. In product promotion, manufacturers claim that hGH can achieve weight loss, fat removal, enhance the body's immunity, eliminate wrinkles, keep skin smooth and smooth, promote hair regeneration, promote cardiomyocyte growth, accelerate wound healing and promote new bone growth. Wait, it seems that hGH is a panacea that can make every organ in the body grow and grow.

Does hGH products really have such amazing effects? Professor Guo Lihe explained that if the use of hGH is reasonably and correctly, it can actually slow down the aging, restore physical strength and other effects, but it must be the right medicine. For example, in the case of organ failure in the elderly, the use of hGH treatment can delay the effect of aging, but if the energetic young people do not need to use such products, the use will not have any effect. When talking about the side effects of hGH products, Professor Guo Lihe said that there is no obvious side effect when using normal doses of hGH. The side effects found so far are caused by the use of very large doses. The use of large doses of hGH (three or four times more than normal) can cause mild edema, wrist and joint pain, and may also inhibit thyroid function. In addition, patients with cancer, diabetes, and patients with abnormal liver function should avoid using hGH. So remember, do not use high doses of hGH and injections at your own discretion.

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