HGH human growth hormone use precautions

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According to the literature, the effect of subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is the same. Subcutaneous injection usually brings higher serum GH concentration than intramuscular injection, but the concentration of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) produced is It is consistent. GH absorption is usually slower, plasma GH concentration usually peaks after 3-5 hours of administration; clearance half-life is generally 2-3 hours, GH is cleared by liver and kidney, and adults are faster than children; Metabolic GH is extremely small.
Almost all GHs in the blood circulation are combined with high-affinity GH-binding protein (hGHBP), which allows the half-life of GH to be prolonged in serum, and the difference in the time of choice of injection during the day does not affect serum GH. concentration.

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● A patient who is used to confirm the diagnosis under the guidance of a doctor.
● Diabetic patients may need to adjust the dose of antidiabetic drugs.
● Simultaneous use of corticosteroids inhibits the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone. Therefore, patients with ACTH deficiency should adjust their corticosteroid levels to avoid inhibition of growth hormone. (see drug interactions)
● A small number of patients may have hypothyroidism during the growth hormone treatment process, and should be corrected in time to avoid affecting the efficacy of growth hormone. Therefore, patients should be regularly checked for thyroid function and supplemented with thyroxine if necessary.
● Patients with endocrine disorders (including growth hormone deficiency) may have spondylolisthesis of the femoral head. If claudication occurs during the treatment of growth hormone, attention should be paid to the assessment.
● Sometimes growth hormone can cause excessive insulin status, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the patient has impaired glucose tolerance.
● If blood glucose is higher than 10mmol/L during treatment, insulin treatment is required. If you need to control blood sugar with 150 IU/day or more of insulin, you should stop using this product.
● The injection site should be changed frequently to prevent fat atrophy.

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