American Mike Chen, Ph.D. in Chemistry, talks about HGH

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Mike Chen, Ph.D., Professor of Immunology, explains the role of HGH, humorous! He said that HGH is the dream of Qin Shihuang. Mike himself used HGH 30 years ago. Last year, 97, 98 years old this year! Professor Mike Chen, professor of immunology, is the translator of this book.

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Listen carefully to what the experts say?

十 HGH's top ten effects:

1. It is possible to regenerate every organ of the body once.

Including the brain, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and other organs, these organs gradually decline with age, and HGH can make each organ grow again.

2. Enhance the immunity of the body and reduce the chance of getting sick.

HGH can restore atrophic thymic hyperplasia to its original size, allowing the body to produce more T cells, more antibodies, red blood cells, white blood cells and natural killer cells to fight disease, especially various cancers.

3, HGH can enhance the improvement of sexual function and promote sexual desire, postpone menopause and delay aging.

HGH is known to be the most effective aphrodisiac known to enhance sexual function, extend the maturity of males and enhance female sexual pleasure.

In urology, HGH also relieves frequent urination and reduces the number of urination at night.

HGH enhances the physiological function of the human gonads, delays menopause, and delays aging.

4, enhance and restore memory, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, make people energetic.

HGH can increase the production of acetylcholine in brain cells, promote the regeneration of blood vessels in the brain, stimulate the re-splitting, growth, repair and regeneration of brain cells, and enhance memory.

HGH can also improve the spirit, stabilize the mood, and make the mood better.

HGH promotes the pineal body to secrete pineal voxels, which has a good therapeutic effect on insomnia.

5, to eliminate wrinkles, keep the skin fine and smooth, reduce pores, reduce pigmentation, restore skin elasticity, enhance facial contours.

6, increase the body muscle content, prevent muscle atrophy, enhance endurance.

Through the action of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), HGH can promote the absorption of (amino acids) by muscle cells, promote the synthesis of cellular DNA and RNA, promote the absorption of extracellular amino acids, and increase the sugar and nitrogen. Storage. Increased muscle mass and ability and intensity of exercise.

7, can lose weight shaping, so that the fat distribution is even, maintain the overall balance of body posture.

8, lowering blood fat, cholesterol.

The role of HGH is to increase the number of LDL receptors on the liver cell membrane, thus accelerating liver metabolism of LDL, converting cholesterol in LDL into bile, thereby eliminating the body.

9. Regenerate hair, make white hair black, improve hair quality and reduce hair loss.

HGH also allows hair to grow faster, the hair is thicker and more black.

10, enhance bone density, prevent osteoporosis, prevent senile fractures.

HGH promotes the growth of new bones, while HGH enhances the absorption and utilization of vitamin D and calcium by bones to increase bone density and prevent fractures.

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