In addition to the growth hormone that can help grow taller, it can actually make people younger?

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Growth Hormone (GH) is a single peptide protein hormone secreted by eosinophils in the anterior pituitary gland, consisting of 191 amino acids and a molecular weight of approximately 22 kda. It is a growth regulator with a wide range of physiological functions. People's daily life activities require the participation of growth hormones, such as helping to replace damaged proteins, remodeling cells, replacing enzymes and chemical transmitters. Lack of growth hormones in childhood can cause Poor growth and development.

Growth Hormone

In 1956, scientists for the first time extracted human growth hormone (hGH) from the pituitary gland of a human body. In 1958, the hGH extracted from the corpse was used for the clinical treatment of dwarfism and dysplasia, but it was later found that this treatment would cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and was once banned.

After continuous research, the in vitro recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) was successfully synthesized, which made a large number of clinical applications of growth hormone possible. This drug has also been double-approved by the US FDA and China Food and Drug Administration. So far, hundreds of thousands of imported patients have been treated with hGH. Many European countries and Japan have adopted rhGH as an alternative therapy for adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). The production technology of growth hormone has gradually improved, and China has entered the world's forefront in the field of GH treatment.

Growth Hormone
rhGH was first used to treat growth hormone deficiency and to improve the growth and development of dwarf children. With the development of the times, growth hormone anti-aging has gradually attracted people's attention, but is this really useful? I think most people are still confused. Let's talk about the real situation of growth hormone anti-aging.

First of all, we need to know that from a macro perspective, the main factor affecting human GH levels is age. Because the secretion of GH gradually decreases with age, the pulse amplitude of GH secretion is the largest in the middle of adolescence, and the secretion amount is the largest. After adulthood, the secretion level of GH gradually decreases. The secretion level of GH in a 60-year-old may be only 1/4 of that in the 20-year-old. The frequency of GH release in the elderly is reduced, and the amount and time of GH release are less than in young people.

In the research and milestones of HGH anti-aging, one person has to mention: Professor Rudman, who has written the results of an experimental study of growth hormone injection in 21 healthy men aged 61-81 years, and wrote the paper "Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old "and published in 1990 in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world's four leading medical journals. Since then, the clinical practice of modern anti-aging medicine has begun, and the multi-billion dollar industry of anti-aging hormone therapy has been derived.

Growth Hormone
But do you know? This may be a scam.

Although Professor Rudman found in the study that injection of GH increased the lean body weight of the experimental group by 8.8%, reduced the weight of adipose tissue by 14.4%, and increased average lumbar bone density by 1.6%, but further research found that changes in these components did not accompany human function The word "anti-aging" was not mentioned in the thesis, but it was packaged by merchants as "injection of growth hormone anti-aging" and used it, and it was a crazy money in the United States.

According to MSNBC (Microsoft National Broadcasting Program), Rudman has issued many warnings about "use of growth hormone" and claims that it has never been suggested to use it to delay aging. In fact, the injection of growth hormone to fight aging is not only ineffective, but it is more terrible because the blind injection of GH is likely to cause tumors and diabetes.

Animal experiment results also show that GH receptor mutant (lower growth hormone levels in vivo) mice are small in size, long in life, more sensitive to insulin, and less at risk of tumors and diabetes. Similar results were reported in the population. Studies have shown that mutations in the GH receptor gene are found in centenarians, leading to a decrease in IGF levels in the body, which is equivalent to weakening the GH effect.

Growth Hormone
Figure note: Fasting blood glucose levels did not change in people with growth hormone receptor deficiency compared to family members, but insulin sensitivity was higher.

And researchers in the field of aging medicine have basically reached a consensus that drug inhibition of the "GH / IGF-1 axis" is one of the most promising anti-aging strategies for intervention in the population, which is in line with the theory of artificial supplementation of GH anti-aging. in contrast.

In fact, growth hormone has an important position in the treatment of diseases. It was used early to improve the growth and development of dwarf children. With the development of the times, rhGH's indications have continued to expand, including but not limited to its use in burn patients, severe pancreatitis, and cardiovascular disease. For applications in diseases and anti-aging, GH is recognized by many countries as a medicine for treating diseases.

Growth Hormone
However, we must know that the use of growth hormone for anti-aging is illegal practice. At present, the effectiveness and safety of using growth hormone for anti-aging are not supported by scientific evidence, and more research is needed to find the answer. It is not a wise choice to use GH to fight aging. Spending hundreds of thousands of injections of GH a year is not as good as exercise. Exercise can not only improve physical performance, but also bring you a different state of mind.

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