The development of HGH human growth hormone

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1: Scientists knew the existence of human growth hormone in 1920, but it was not used until 1958.
2: In 1985,
3: Daniel of human growth hormone in men over 60 years old at the University of Wisconsin Medical School on July 5, 1990. This paper can be said to be applied to anti-aging by HGH. A milestone in the history of medical research.
4: In 1996, in August 1996, the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) finally officially approved the use of HGH in clinical use to treat all patients lacking HGH, including normal adults.
HGH human growth hormone fundamentally solves human anti-aging problems (from the US literature):
Scientists have found that HGH human growth hormone tends to decrease with age. 12 to 30 years old is about 15% less, and by the age of 60 is less than half of the original. Young people with 20% of growth hormone per day reach a peak of about 500 micrograms, only 300 micrograms by age 60, and only 25 micrograms for 80-year-olds. It is generally believed that after the age of 30, it is the beginning of aging, and growth hormone decays with age. In August 1996, the US FDA approved that adults can use HGH for a long time. Since the end of 1998, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people who use it after growth hormone (produced and sold in the United States). According to statistics at the end of 1999, millions of people in the United States are using it.