HGH human growth hormone anti-aging mechanism

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Improve the cell growth environment (refer to the improvement of the internal environment)
The stimulating hormone contained in HGH human growth hormone has the function of scavenging metabolites and capturing free radicals. Promote the formation of SOD in the extract, scavenge free radicals and form metallothionein.

HGH human growth hormone anti-aging mechanism
Provides essential nutrients for cell growth
HGH Human Growth Hormone contains all the nutrients necessary for human life. Rich in protein, lecithin, cephalin, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc., the combination of these ingredients, regardless of the composition or content ratio, are natural and natural, reasonable and easy to be absorbed and utilized by human cells.
Activate and repair aging cells
Maintain normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs, and systems
HGH contains a wide range of cytokines, such as a variety of immune active factors, stem cell growth factors, and substances necessary for the growth of repair cells, which can activate cells that are dormant or senescent in the human body, making Many cells produce biological effects (serving the human body).

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