Causes of human aging

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The human body contains about 30 billion cells (calculated in high molecular weight). These cells continue to metabolize, and the cells that are aging and weakened are replaced by new ones. In the normal and healthy state of the human body, these metabolisms are very regular, but when the human body is aging, the metabolic process begins to weaken. In addition, when the body's toxins increase, pressure increases, mood is low, bad nutrition and excessive fatigue, it also weakens metabolism, leading to human aging. In summary, there are mainly the following aspects that cause human body cells to age.
1. The cell life is limited and the cells will naturally age;
2. Insufficient supplementation of fresh cells, resulting in the inability of aging cells to be replaced, and the total effective cell count decreased significantly;
3. The interaction of the external environment and genes accelerates cell aging;
4. The number and vitality of stem cells in the body is reduced.

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