Human growth hormone use experience sharing

Thursday 24th October 2019 Back to list

That kid said: I usually inject before the bedtime and early morning, the dose is confidential.

Human growth hormone

The feeling of using is as follows:

After two months of use - the quality of sleep is significantly improved, the dreams are vivid and vivid, the hair becomes shiny, black and elastic, and the nails become very hard and smooth. The wound heals quickly.

After three months of use - the tendon of the elbow joint recovers quickly, the pain is relieved, and even if the caloric intake is more, the body fat can be easily controlled at a lower level.

After using it for five months - the knee pain that has been plaguing me for a long time has disappeared, and the body recovery speed after training is much faster.

My goal is to increase to 120kg and body fat 10%. I will stick to HGH until I reach my goal.

Fat brother: I used to do two years of impact cruising with HGH, then I only used steroids. During the muscle-building phase, I found myself particularly prone to "swelling", but after adding HGH, body fat is very easy to control (still in the muscle-building period), the most obvious change is that HGH makes the muscles faster and loses fat. It's getting easier (even if you eat a lot). HGH is an important factor in making me grow muscles and not long fat. After using HGH, I spent less time on diet (saving time) and spent more time on training.

After using HGH, my joints and other small hairs are so fast. Sleep well.

My HGH dosage is as follows: 4iu, 8iu, 10iu, 15iu, and I found that the higher the dose, the more obvious the effect. Prepare to try 20-30iu in March this year.

Raytheon Hill: After 6 months of continuous use of HGH, it was found that the muscles were significantly increased even during the cruise. Although there may be some water storage, basically the water is in the muscles, and the whole person is full and expands, and the effect is comparable to the card.

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